5 Ingenious Ways to Save on Your Heating Bills This Winter


Winter is coming. 

While that phrase might not strike as much fear in reality as it does in fiction, it does mean that across the hemisphere the heating is going on in an attempt to keep us warm in our beds. 

This increased need for warmth brings with it an increased cost for your wallet. With energy prices increasing by as much as $36 compared to last year, you’ll need to find a balance between warmth and cost-efficiency. 

Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can follow to keep your heating bills low this cold period.  Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Seal Unused Doors and Windows

Consider adding plastic covering windows you know you’ll never open during the cold winter months.Also, make sure you keep the doors to unused rooms closed. If you want to save money on heating, don’t waste heat on the rooms that nobody uses.

2. Turn Down the Thermostat

If you are out of town, or at night when you are curled up warm in bed, there is no need to have the heating turned up as high as during the day. A surefire way to save on heating costs is to turn the thermostat down a degree or two when it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Small changes here and there will see big dips in your heating bills at the end of the season. 

3. Open Your Curtains

Just because it is cold outside, it doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t shining. A great way to save money on heating is to open up your curtains when the sun’s out. Let nature’s warmth into your home and help you keep save your heating for when it’s really needed. 

4. Update Your Insulation

Poor quality or old insulation can cause your house to lose a lot of heat unnecessarily. This means you’ll end up paying for heating costs you don’t need to. 

Think ahead and get your house re-insulated or at least quality-controlled before the cold shows its face. That way, when the house is chilly and you turn that thermostat up high your home is fully winter-ready and you’re not wasting energy.

5. Dress for the Season

If it’s cold outside and chilly inside, then stop for a second before you crank up the heating dial. Are you dressed for the weather? Just because you are inside it doesn’t mean you can’t wear a thick top or maybe a second layer. 

Wearing a sweater or a t-shirt under your hoodie can total up to a big savings on your heating bills. 

Keeping Your Heating Bills Low Doesn’t Mean Feeling the Cold

You don’t need to put up with the cold in an effort to keep your heating bills low. 

Incorporating any or all of the tips above will help you stay toasty warm without breaking the bank. Also, why stop there? There are plenty of other creative ways to save money without sacrificing your quality of life. 

Check out some of our other blog posts today to learn more about keeping on top of your heating and air conditioning units, to ensure you never pay more than you need to, to keep your house running in tip-top condition. 

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