A Simple Guide to Troubleshooting the Most Common Air Conditioner Problems


It’s been a hot year for the US.

Every state has had to deal with above-average temperatures. 42 of our states recorded above-average temps. The remaining 8 – Missouri included – are a record warm.

Even the overnight lows are high. And with higher temperatures comes a rise in demand for temperature-related energy. We’re talking about air conditioners.

With brutal weather comes excessive use of the a/c unit. But we tend to take it for granted. We let it run without maintenance checks and get mad at it when it can’t perform.

What are some of the most common air conditioner problems homeowners face? Find out here. Summer’s not over yet!

1. Too Much Direct Sunlight

Did you know that a thermostat or a/c unit that gets bathed in sunlight will only work longer and harder to perform? Because it feels warm, it will try to cool things down, even when your home is already cool.

To avoid making the a/c unit overwork itself, check the areas surrounding the unit and thermostat. Make sure they’re in some kind of shade.

2. A Clogged Filter

A/c filters should get changed at least once a month. If your unit is working harder because of the hot summer, the filter should get checked more often.

And if you have pets? You’ll need to watch out for excess hair and debris on the filter. If you can’t see through your filter, cold air can’t get through it.

3. Unit Is Too Small

Have you checked everything to no avail? Everything seems to be fine. The unit is running, filters are new, no breakers have gotten tripped.

Then your unit might be too small for your home. Have a professional come check out the dimensions of your home vs your unit size.

4. Breakers

Suffering from a dead motor? A common reason for this is a blown breaker. If the a/c unit overheats (say, from overworking itself), the broker could blow – and then your whole unit.

5. Capacitors

Capacitors store energy which is then used to give the a/c unit a jolt when it’s time to perform. There are two types of capacitors: start and run. One helps get the a/c unit going, while the other keeps it running.

If either of these goes out, your whole unit suffers.

These can go out because of reasons as simple as age. Continued use diminishes its ability to store proper voltage.

Is your unit humming? Starting and then stopping right away? Not turning on at all?

These are all signs your capacitor may have gone out.

Common Air Conditioner Problems: Easy Solutions

Many common air conditioner problems can get solved right at home. Reading the a/c unit’s handbook can reveal a lot of useful information that can save time and money. Performing regular maintenance checks and cleaning helps, too.

And if you’re experiencing issues before you have a chance to prevent or solve them, don’t worry.

There’s a guy for that. Pick up your phone and call your local a/c company. You may even get some ideas from them. What to inspect first; what things are more important to check than others; and so on.

It’s too hot to go without air conditioning. If you need affordable, dependable service in the heat of this summer, give us a call!

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