Do Smart Thermostats Really Save You Money?

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If you’re like many homeowners, the hands off the thermostat approach you’ve put in place might not work as well as you hoped. Your current energy bill attests to that!

What if you could do something simple? Instead of guarding the thermostat, why not use a smarter approach?

A few years ago, people looked at Smart thermostats as a novelty. Now, they’re everywhere and many HVAC technicians and energy auditors recommend them as a savings measure. You’re wondering, are smart thermostats worth it, right?

Read today’s post and find out!

Why Going Smart Makes Sense

If you’re replacing a faulty thermostat or considering an upgrade, buying a Smart thermostat makes sense.

Let’s start with the installation. Even the most novice DIYer can install a Smart thermostat without much fuss. If you’d rather not DIY, your HVAC tech can install a new thermostat in less than an hour during your routine maintenance appointment.

Investing in one of these technologically advanced thermostats won’t cost a fortune. Several of the highest-rated Smart thermostats cost under $200.

The best reason, and likely the reason you’re reading this post is future cost savings. Swapping out your manual thermostat with a smarter version may help you save between 10%-12% on your heating costs. Now, that sounds like a deal you can’t pass up!

As with most great deals, consider a few of the caveats before you make the switch.

Nothing Magical Going on Here

When you first see one of the newer thermostats, you may feel like you’ve entered the Sci-Fi zone. The unobtrusive circle or square on the wall does look sleek and a bit mysterious.

There’s nothing magical about them. Beyond the outward appearance, it’s all about your habits and of course, smart programming!

Your old manual thermostat can do the same thing if you walk over to the wall and set it. The key word is walk because your physical presence is required. Once they’ve learned about your habits and behaviors, Smart thermostats don’t need much from you at all!

If handing the temperatures in your home over to a thermostat makes you feel uncomfortable, relax. You’ll still have a say in your thermostat’s behavior. After all, you can tell it what to do when you’re not even close to home (from your cell phone).

Are Smart Thermostats Worth It Year-Round?

Are you wondering if you’ll see year-round savings, or only during the heating season. You can if you allow the thermostat to maintain suggested seasonal temperatures.

During the winter month, let the thermostat keep the temperature at around 68 degrees This is the recommended temperature when you’re at home. Lower the temperature by 10-12 degrees while you sleep or when you’re away.

For the summer, keep temperatures around 78 degrees, but allow the thermostat to keep your home warmer if when you’re away or sleeping.

Ready to Install a New Thermostat?

We hope we’ve uncovered some of the mystery surrounding Smart thermostats and their possible cost-savings. Do you still wonder, are smart thermostats worth it? Think about your current energy costs, your habits, and how much you value convenience.

If you’re ready for a new thermostat or need other HVAC services, contact us today.

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