The Essential Home HVAC Maintenance Checklist


Winter has arrived in full force. That means that it’s cold outside and getting colder. As the temperature continues to drop, it’s important to know that you can trust your HVAC system. Heating and cooling units are complicated systems, so there’s plenty that can go wrong. The more you understand about your HVAC unit, the more confident you’ll be that it will work when you need it to. The purpose of this article is to provide a basic HVAC maintenance checklist that you can use to keep your system running smoothly.

Keep reading to gain insight into ways you can monitor your HVAC this season so that you can stay warm while it’s cold and cool when things get hot.

Replace Your Filter

The first thing on your list should be to simply check the air filter for your HVAC system. Air filters help keep the air in your home as clean as possible. When they become dirty, the air from your heating/cooling unit cannot pass through efficiently, creating inefficiencies and higher energy bills.

Replacing air filters is easy and relatively inexpensive. You can purchase them at any local home improvement store. And you’d be wise to keep extras on hand at home so that you can change them as needed.

Check for Gas Leaks

Next, check for gas leaks in your home. When a gas leak develops, your heating/cooling unit won’t work efficiently, will result in higher energy costs, and can also result in very dangerous living conditions for your family.

If you do discover a gas leak, be sure to call a heating/cooling specialist immediately to fix the issue.

Check the Registers Throughout Your Home

You should also take a few minutes to check the air registers in each room of your home. These vents allow the air to pass from the air ducts into your home. Thus when they are closed, your home won’t be climate controlled as desired.

Clear Away Debris

Be sure to clear away any debris on and around your HVAC unit. Debris such as leaves, branches, and snow can restrict airflow to the unit and cause it to overheat.

Update Your Thermostat

Another important part of your heating/cooling system is the thermostat. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure that your thermostat is working properly, and then replace it with a new digital thermostat if necessary. 

Make Sure the Unit Has Power

If you notice that your home isn’t staying warm, take a moment to check the fuse box in your home. After all, when a circuit is thrown, the rest of your house could seem fine and yet the HVAC might have stopped working.

Make Sure the Fan is Running

A final detail to check when your home isn’t heating or cooling properly is to make sure the HVAC fan is working properly. Because when the fan goes out, the unit will be unable to push air into your home.

Basic HVAC Maintenance Checklist Tips for Your Home

Keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer is important. Fortunately, this HVAC maintenance checklist can help your home stay comfortable all year round.

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