What to Do When Your Boiler Stops Working: 5 Boiler Problems and How to Fix Them


Your boiler stopped working and now you have no heating, nor hot water. Whenever you notice that your boiler won’t turn on or is otherwise malfunctioning, it isn’t always necessary to call a professional.

There are plenty of common boiler issues that you can handle on your own without having to book a service. 

Learn more about how to fix the most common boiler problems below!

1. Heater for the Boiler Stopped Working 

If your boiler stopped working all of a sudden, fear not. Before you Google “my boiler is not working,” consider these options. For example, if there isn’t any heat or hot water coming from your boiler, it could be for a number of reasons. 

You could have a malfunctioning thermostat, a failed valve, airlocks, or your water pressure is too low. It’s possible to get it up and running again by resetting it or increasing your water pressure.

If none of these work, it’s better to find an engineer specializing in this area to help you.

2. A Noisy Boiler

Boilers make a range of noises from vibrating to gurgling, to banging or whistling noises. One of the most common reasons why your boiler stopped working is because the limescale is built upon the heat exchanger. This could be caused by the water pressure dropping, air getting trapped, or another blockage in the system. 

You can check the water pressure level yourself but make sure that the external condensate pipe isn’t frozen. This could be causing the blockage so you’ll have to try bleeding the radiators to release the trapped air. If none of these steps help, the system could need flushing by a specialist.

3. Boiler Keeps Shutting Off

A boiler broken from the inside out could be shutting off on its own. Your boiler is equipped with automatic safety features that cause the boiler to turn off when it detects certain problems such as low water pressure, a blockage, problems with the gas supply, etc.

You can check the water pressure, start bleeding the radiators, and ensure that there aren’t any issues with the gas supply before calling a professional for help. 

4. The Pilot Light Is out

In the event that the pilot light is out on your boiler, you may need a professional for help. It could be because the sales are damages, deposits have built up in the system, or there’s a faulty flue. It could also be because of a malfunctioning thermocouple which is made to monitor and react to your boiler’s internal temperature. 

5. The Boiler Is Losing Pressure

If you notice that your boiler keeps losing pressure, there could be a leak or a malfunctioning valve in the system. If you have to continue to increase the water pressure yourself, you’re making your heating system much more expensive to run. You can attempt the same steps mentioned above to relieve this issue, or you can phone a professional for added advice. 

In the event that you’re smelling gas, your boiler could also be leaking. If you have access to your gas meter, turn off the gas supply, open your windows and doors, evacuate and call the Gas Emergency Service.

Do not switch the plugs on or off, do not smoke, and do not use your mobile device in the property because that could cause an explosion. 

Bottom Line If Your Boiler Stopped Working

If you’re noticing any of the issues above and your boiler stopped working, keep calm and understand that a lot of these issues can be solved on your own. However, if any of these issues feel overwhelming for you to solve, contact a professional.

Our representatives can help you find the right one today!

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