5 Springtime Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for Homeowners


Robin Williams once said, “Spring is natures way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’.” It’s that time of year when we do spring cleaning too. Time to get ready for the summer after a long cold winter.

Your heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system unit needs a little bit of care. Then it will run all summer, keeping you cool and fresh. Read on to learn about these springtime air conditioner maintenance tips.

Why You Need Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips?

Why do you think you need air conditioner maintenance tips? It’s not just because keeping your HVAC unit in good condition keeps it performing well through the summer. It will help with keeping you cool when you need it most but there are other benefits too.

Routine maintenance also saves you money on energy because it helps the unit perform efficiently. It also extends the life of the unit putting off the day when you will have to pay for a replacement unit.

Follow these spring air conditioner service routines to save money and keep you cool.

1. Safety First

Whenever you work with your HVAC unit remember that it is an electrical device. It is important to turn the power off if you are doing any maintenance. Also, be aware that the moving parts also pose a risk to your safety.

On exterior components such as the condenser/compressor, turn the power off at the shut-off box. Switch off power at the breaker box inside too. When you have completed the HVAC maintenance, remember to turn the power back on in both places.

2. Look After Your Fan

Remove the fan cage from the external unit and clear away any leaves or other debris. You can use a vacuum to clean away dirt from inside the unit. Don’t just do AC condenser cleaning once a year but do it weekly, if it seems to need it.

Check to see if there is any wear on the fan. Are there cracks in the blades? Oiling the bearings will help keep things working efficiently.

3. Clean Fins

You can clean the fins of the air conditioning unit with a gentle spray from a garden hose. A pressure washer is too violent and may damage the delicate parts. There are fin cleaning sprays you can buy if the fins are especially dirty.

4. Clear Around the Unit

Clean around the unit and clear vegetation for about 2 feet in all directions from the unit. Rake away any leaves and dirt. Keep this area debris free.

5. Change the Filter

Just before the cooling season starts is a good time to change the filter. When replacing a filter ensure that it has the same airflow rating as the previous one. The wrong filter can severely damage your AC unit.

Get Professional Help

While there are things you can do, such as following these air conditioner maintenance tips, there are things only a professional should do. The complex electronics and refrigeration aspects of residential air conditioner service are best left to a trained technician.

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